Annual Report Design

With over 30 years in business, we’ve consistently been recognized for our exceptional outcomes and service, such as pushing our clients forward to expand their reach with digital annual reports.

Annual reports have been published for many years. The PDF versions and flip-book annual reports are found in nearly all foundations, nonprofits and corporate websites and are clearly digital.

But that’s not what we mean when we reference a “digital annual report.” Instead we are talking about a smart, interactive, next-generation publication that takes full advantage of digital technology. This type of digital report stands apart from its on paper predecessor in significant ways in that it is interactive with strong visual appeal, storytelling and emotional pull result in readers spending longer engaging with your report.

Additionally, wouldn’t it be great to get key metrics on how your readers actually interact with your report? Going digital allows you to monitor how long certain users spend looking at specific parts of your report – and which parts they skip. You can harness this data to make future reports even more relevant to your audience.

Check out one of our digital annual reports to see for yourself and please let me know if you have any questions.